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Cottage Ducks • UV DTF Bookmark Transfer

Cottage Ducks • UV DTF Bookmark Transfer

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Make a professional bookmark in minutes! UV DTF transfers apply effortlessly without any weeding or heat to any hard surface!

You will receive ONE UV DTF Bookmark Transfer ONLYAcrylic bookmark not included - you will have to supply your own or you can purchase blanks here!


  • Permanent adhesive
  • Waterproof & Scratchproof
  • Glossy, raised finish
  • Professional quality

How to Apply

  1. Clean/dust surface of bookmark. Do not use alcohol
  2. Align and adjust your decal to your liking
  3. Peel backing to expose adhesive and work from the center out
  4. Apply pressure to adhere design to the surface
  5. Slowly remove the transfer film to avoid rips and tears
  6. Firmly press the design down to ensure all details are sticking and to remove air bubbles and wrinkles

We are not responsible for misapplication of transfers.


Bookmark Transfers are approximately 1.13" W x 5.15" H, but may vary slightly based on design.

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